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​October 6, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (pdf)


​October 14, 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes (pdf)


October 19, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (pdf)



June 23, 2016

Silverleaf Property Association Board Meeting:


President, Ken Adams opened the meeting at 6:07 pm

Also attending: Don Snyder, Treasurer; Benjamin Ray, Secretary

  1. 1. Reviewed 5/31 balance sheet and accounts receivable
  2. All road regrading and gravel work has been completed, with $18,418.35 spent and nearly the same left in reserves
  3. 2. In speaking with Nathan, our attorney, about title work on a Rocky Knob property, it was discovered that though Rocky Knob and Apple Valley have contributed to the POA, and have benefitted from annual road maintenance on their roads and the roads leading up Silverleaf Rd. to their roads, they are not legally a part of the subdivision. At general membership meeting this should be addressed, and these sections should be encouraged to sign docs for legally joining the POA or possibly forming a new one under Silverleaf.
  4. 3. Benjamin, Secretary, will be out of town in Wilmington the day of the general membership meeting, and has designated Ken Adams to vote for him in case of any proxies in his name.
  5. 4. Decided that every year the POA board should have a meeting before the general membership that gives ample time to discuss and decide on the agenda for the general membership meeting that can be mailed out to all members at least 30 days in advance.
  6. 5. Because the general membership meeting agenda was not mailed out 30 days before the meeting, the vote needed for the necessary changes to bi-laws will not be possible.
  7. Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm



August 4, 2015 

Silverleaf Property Association Board Meeting: 

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm with Ken Adams and Don Snyder. Benjamin Ray was absent. 

Discussion was delayed until 7:10 pm when it was determined that Benjamin Ray would not be attending. 

New Business: 

A decision was then made for Ken Adams to be President, Don Snyder to be Treasurer and Benjamin Ray will be Secretary. 

Don Snyder will contact Benjamin Ray to determine if he still desired to be on the board. 

A decision was made to adjourn at 7:30 pm and the next board meeting will be scheduled at a later date. 

2015 Silverleaf POA Annual Meeting Minutes 

The 2015 Silverleaf POA Annual meeting was held at the Fellowship Hall of Zionville Baptist Church on July 11, 2015. President Ken Adams opened the meeting at 5:05PM Secretary Harriet Mitchener read the minutes from the 2014 Annual Meeting; they were approved. Next on the agenda was Joy Weybrecht, who, along with her husband Jim, is responsible for snow removal in the Silverleaf community. She emphasized the importance of keeping the roads as safe as possible during the winter months and the importance of helping each other during bad weather. Chuck Small, representing the Road Committee, spoke next, commenting on the condition of our roads. The culverts and ditches are in good condition, and he suggested that using a box blade in the near future would be a good idea to help smooth out the ruts and wash-boarding. Chuck also commented that the POA was fortunate to have Travis Wilson agree to maintain our roads. Next on the agenda was Bryan Dechter, representing the Website Committee. According to Bryan, the website is currently up and running. He gave lots of credit to David Bailey for re-establishing the POA website. Bryan suggested that an online directory of the POA would be a great idea. Dianna Collins offered to help Bryan set up the directory. Keith Cheshire recommended that personal information be protected by a log-in process. The website will be used to post information that will be helpful for the POA members: road conditions, weather, meetings, etc. The Board of Directors needs to approve all information posted on the website. Don Snyder from the Gate Committee gave his report next. According to Don, both operators on the gate had to be replaced this past spring. Preventive maintenance will be done in the fall. Don has 9 push button remotes in stock. The topic of a camera at the gate was introduced by Chuck Small. The cost of a video camera would be prohibitive; Dianna Collins suggested that a dummy camera might be effective. It was also noted that the POA was in possession of a camera which Ken Adams volunteered to mount. Other comments concerning the gate: the gate is locked open during electrical/snow storms; codes will be changed for rental companies; Ken Adams, Jim Weybrecht, and Chuck Small have keys to open the gate. During Don Snyder’s presentation, a homeowner asked for clarification on the controversy this past November resulting in the resignation of the entire Board. Don stated that during the Board Meeting in October, 2014, the chairman of the road committee said that snow removal was not part of road maintenance according to the POA’s governing by-laws. Consequently, the road chairman made no arrangements to have snow removed from the roads in the Silverleaf community. The controversy stemmed from this decision. Don Richardson, Treasurer, spoke next. Each homeowner was given the most recent financial report from the management company Clark Simson Miller. There have been a few problems with the management company: incorrect contact information for homeowners, incorrectly imposing late fees (according to the bylaws, the dues are due on March 1, not January 1), including non-existent funds in the bottom line. These issues have been resolved. Don noted that the POA has approximately $11,000 in outstanding dues. He emphasized the need for all homeowners to pay their dues in a timely manner. The POA cannot keep the roads and the gate in good order unless all property owners pay their dues. Don noted that a payment schedule could be implemented for those delinquent in their dues. It was also noted that the POA can legally place liens on property. Joy Weybrecht made a motion to accept the financial report; it was seconded. Dean Collins, who had previously requested to be put on the agenda, spoke next. Dean proposed that the POA start a conversation about paving the approximately 4 miles of road in the Silverleaf community. Dean offered several reasons for the POA to consider paving the roads: 1. Several homes in the POA have been for sale for as long as 4-5 years; prospective buyers have said that the road is a major reason for not purchasing a home in Silverleaf. 2. A gravel road could imply that Silverleaf is a second-class neighborhood. 3. The gravel road is hard on members’ vehicles. 4. Family members and friends of members are afraid to come visit because of the road. The cost of such a project was the major reason for most members opposing the proposal. There was also the concern that a paved road would be more dangerous than gravel in winter because most of the roads in Silverleaf are north-facing. Don Richardson proposed that the Road Committee research the cost and general concepts of paving the road in Silverleaf. 

The next business before the association was the consideration of the proposed by-law changes. Prior to the meeting’s being called to order, each homeowner was given a copy of the 6 proposed changes formulated by the current Board and David Bailey. It was decided that because the details of the proposed changes were not given to the members of the POA prior to the meeting, that any decision on the proposed changes should be delayed. The newly elected board will handle the logistics of presenting the proposed by-laws and then voting on them. 

The final business before the association was the election of a new Board. The following members were nominated for the 2015-2016 Board: 

Don Richardson 

Ken Adams 

Benjamin Ray 

Michael Owens 

Billy Furlough 

Neal Caldwell 

Dean Collins 

Don Snyder 

The newly elected Board: Ken Adams, with 27 votes; Benjamin Ray, with 18 votes; and Don Snyder, with 23 votes. 

Voting Residents of Silverleaf POA Attending the Meeting on July 11, 2015: 

1. Ken Adams 

2. Carl and Katy Boger 

3. Ernest Burger 

4. Neal Caldwell and Kristyna Culp 

5. Bob and Donna Cantrell 

6. Keith and LaVerne Cheshire 

7. Dean and Dianna Collins 

8. Bryan Dechter 

9. Roger and Sherry Drum 

10. Ellen Furlough 

11. Suzanne Lasky-Gerard 

12. Osteen Hendrick (represented by Ron and Carole Ann Peeler) 

13. Chris and Ruth Jennings 

14. Joe and Harriet Mitchener 

15. Dennis Norman 

16. Donald and Dotty Richardson 

17. Jane Rippy 

18. Chuck and Robin Small 

19. Don and Monna Snyder 

20. Jim and Joy Weybrecht 

Proxies for the Silverleaf POA Meeting on July 11, 2015 

1. Drew Alexander 

2. David and Margaret Bailey 

3. Lee and Debbie Cooke 

4. Jeff and Kimberlee DeBosier 

5. Beverly Grubb 

6. Emmitt and Ann Johnson 

7. Michael and Deena Kent 

8. Melvin McIndoe 

9. James and Leslie Pertzborn 

10. Stanley and Penny Rule 

11. Mike and Debra Scarboro 

12. Alan and Judith Shelton 

13. S.C. Steinmetz and D.C. McCray (Lexan Corporation) 

14. Ann Travis 

15. William and Charnell Tickel 

The meeting concluded with a covered dish meal. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Harriet Mitchener